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No one likes being a beginner - ever; so my mission is to help you learn at the pace you set so you can have some real driving experience and skill development under your belt.


It will be good to go to a quiet location, free of traffic, so you can feel comfortable and relaxed, knowing that when you make a mistake, it really won't matter.


No shouting - now that goes for both of us.

I'm not a shouter, far from it. What you can expect of me is to ask you questions to help you with your learning.


When can you expect to pass your test by?

Learning to drive is like any skill, the more you practice in a shorter space of time, the quicker you will learn. I will always give you my very best of attention, and my promise to you is that I will help you as quickly as you can learn.


I will introduce you to a skill, you practice it with my help, and then we work on a new skill. You may be practicing 2 or 3 skills at a time in one lesson, such as reversing and turning left at roundabouts, but you will know your lesson is geared to how quick you can take things on board.


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